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       Thank you for visiting my page. If you are reading this, you likely received correspondence from myself of some form. I appreciate your concern as you have obviously followed up on my request to review my situation.  I must first apologize for my lack of technical skill regarding construction of web-related materials as well as my lengthy as well as rather crude video which reviews the details of my case including irrefutable evidence of the wrongs which have been perpatrated against me, my family & my life. Once I realized that I'd lost my appeal and that nobody seems to be able to help or even listen thoroughly long enough to actually perceive my entire situation much less review the body of evidence I have amassed against the conductors of my persecution I created a video. A video, unlike a conversation, can be more direct and visually exhibit the situation in it's entirety as well as allow for breaks without interrupting the presenter's train of thought. I realized ONLY after creating it how long it actually was; which speaks to the shear amount of issues involved. I believe it's unlikely that anyone will watch it unless they are truly interested in understanding or assisting a wrongfully convicted man. An interactive outline would likely have been a much more intelligent route where issues may have been observed as an entire idea & then clicked individually to exhibit how I'm able to prove such allegations. Although the clock has been ticking... I must turn myself in as my life & financial situation is in ruins. A man cannot successfully perform probation with no place to live. If you are reading this, the correspondence you've received likely came from myself within the confines of a prison cell. I figure that it will be very unlikely that I'm able to make copies or afford to mail them to individuals/wrongful conviction organizations that may not help as a result of my efforts. I wish to clear my name and simply go on with my life. I wish to eventually become a doctor and have always helped people throughout my life. I have many issues to present and I've been told that I have all the makings of a 1983 action/law suit against the perpatrators of this miscarriage of justice in my situation. If you are in a position to help, I beg of your assistance in this matter. It is a lengthy video, but I guarantee that if assisting the innocent, correcting miscarriages of justice, attacking evil/dishonest law enforcement personnel or suing the pants of the perpatrators of abuse of the justice system is your goal... then I am your man and this is not a waste of your time. There has got to be individuals out there who became attornies, politicians, newsmen, etc. because they wish to help good people who have been wronged or get their stories out and NOT just to make money or have power. If you are out to make money and are in the business of suing those that abuse their powers and functions... then I'm your man. I don't care about any money... it's yours. I simply wish to clear my name in society and the US Marine Corps, go back to a normal life where I'm not stressed about this nonsense and to finish school hopefully at East Carolina University where I can hopefully be admitted to their medical school through which I will attain a means of starting a stable family and helping others in need until my work is done on this Earth. I was once a symbol of hope amongst my friends and family. I am now obsessed... effected. I exist on the fringe of society... a pariah and judged at a glance. People wonder how these so-called "homegrown terrorists" come to be. I believe it takes a few things. The first is to be turned against by everyone and everything you've ever loved or for which you have struggled.  The second is to find yourself at the bottom and you can go no further. This is a crucial point when you can decide to shake it off and continue to fight for what you believe in or you can change your beliefs becoming radicalized within your newfound comfort zone. I believe in the ideals for which this country stands. Ideals I raised my hand to defend. Ideals that were thrown into the wind in a small town politics situation by criminals within the justice system dealing out their own forms of justice.  I believe the politics of a small town or a small unit can and will be overturned by the politics/ideals of the system as a whole. The system is better than this... I simply need to reach outside the local system operating with complete autonomy into the void. I  have always been a good man, attempted to help my fellow brethren, fed the homeless, fought for what I believed in, gave toys to children, picked up hitch hikers, etc. This is my time. I need help. I have faith that the universal void shall send to me someone like myself who cares for the plight of those that are less significant than the wealthy, powerful, indignant status quo.
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